Grooming is an important aspect in the maintenance of your pet’s health.

We offer complete grooming services for both dogs and cats. Grooming can help identify and prevent conditions such as parasites and skin irritations. To help our patients maintain an attractive appearance and healthy skin and coats.

Pet grooming fees are based on the services requested, as well as the condition, size, and temperament of your pet. Our experienced groomers offer a variety of cuts from professional show grooms to personal preference cuts.

Grooming appointments can also include anything from a standard bath, medicated baths for pets with skin conditions/allergies, nail trimming, and ear cleaning to anal gland expression. Our groomers are also trained to recognize skin and ear disorders so that potential problems may be treated by our veterinarians.


Bathing is an important part of the health of your pet. We offer bathing services for both dogs and cats.

Our baths will remove dirt, debris and that doggie/kitty odor. Your pet will leave feeling refreshed and smelling and feeling great! If scratching is a problem, our medicated baths contain soothing agents to help stop the itching. Our standard bath includes a nail trim and ear cleaning in addition to the bath.